Quality Assurance

Nobelmin implements the necessary measures according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) standards for all production and quality-related processes. A multi-stage quality assurance concept has been developed for this purpose.

On the one hand, it guarantees that the necessary precautions are taken during handling, transport and storage at all stages of the supply chain to prevent the mixing of different qualities and the introduction of external impurities or unsuitable raw materials.

On the other hand, this quality assurance concept also establishes the necessary measures for production safety, from the management and control of production processes, through the designation and quality control of production batches, to packaging and delivery.

In terms of the quality and safety of raw materials, this means:

Quality assurance for our product lines already starts in the exploration phase of a mining operation of our international mine network. Drill cores are first analyzed to locate, qualify and quantify the talc ore within the mining area:

  • Normative drill samples go to the laboratory for the determination of heat loss and colorimetric coordinates.
  • During mining and extraction, the raw ore is analyzed in detail, and properties relevant to processing are checked by grinding.
  • After the arrival of the raw material samples, a standardized incoming raw material inspection is carried out in our in-house laboratory at the Westendorf plant. This also includes a visual inspection of the blasted ore/each blast (target/actual comparison with reference rock samples).
  • Advanced tests and mineralogical analyses are performed at a certified institute or laboratory for material testing.

The results of the raw material tests provide the basis for the qualification of raw materials for the different product quality classes. 

In addition, routine standard processing controls with a sampling of intermediate and end product batches are permanently carried out at NOBELMIN’s Westendorf plant.

quality assurance

Our quality assurance framework is intended as a dynamic process in which standards and routines define the parameters and the results achieved are reviewed in the spirit of continuous improvement (CIP). This multi-stage process includes the following test procedures:

1. Continuous control and test parameters

Colorimetric coordinates, L.O.I., moisture, tamped density, P.S.D., alpine dry sieving (for coarser talc)

2. Internal routines

Grinding fineness, abrasion test, oil absorption or “spot” analysis

3. External testing

SEM and XRD methods for determining and certifying the absence of asbestiform accessory minerals and free silica.

4. Data acquisition and statistical evaluation of the production parameters

To ensure traceability of batch-related production and product quality parameters, these values are automatically and unalterably stored in an implemented QC database. Separately recorded analysis and measurement data are also seamlessly recorded in accordance with GLP guidelines.

By comparing batch-specific retained samples with the available and unambiguously assignable analysis data, possible quality fluctuations or complaints can be traced at any time. This allows us to periodically check the average and standard deviation values for all parameters and end products.

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