Future Challenges

We try to deliver on our value proposition “Efficiency – Made in Germany” by providing real customer value – day in, day out. Every day our team of experts works to improve the product portfolio for our customers and to expand the range of applications. NOBELMIN GmbH is equipped with special laboratories to test the properties of talc in many different uses, to support customers in selecting the right talc quality, or to develop new opportunities for the use of talc.

Close cooperation with end customers helps to speed up the process and create added value for our clients. Thanks to our sophisticated manufacturing and preparation processes, we produce talc in its purest and most effective form. This also enables us as NOBELMIN GmbH to develop innovative products for previously undiscovered applications.

There are still several challenges for the further expansion of bioplastics today:

Cost reduction is a key aspect

The production of bioplastics is currently still about ten times more expensive than that of conventional polymers.

Recycling processes need to be converted and expanded

The recycling systems currently in place are not yet capable of separating bioplastics for recycling and returning them to the reusable materials circuit.

Product development and functionality do not yet comprehensively meet the requirements of existing production and packaging facilities

The existing requirements for plastics, (the functional diversity and variability of petroleum-based polymers) cannot yet be achieved with plastics based on renewable raw materials – at least not everywhere and not yet in a cost-efficient manner (tensile strength, stretchability, sliding properties, barrier functionalities, etc.).

NOBELMIN GmbH supports the market development for bioplastics and supplies talc to improve the quality of these polymer products.

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