Goals and Strategies

Our Mission

NOBELMIN aims to responsibly source, process and market the raw materials that advance daily life and are necessary for the development, preservation and improvement of our daily lives. Our industrial and marketing activities are extensive and varied.

Through them, we responsibly provide the products that are essential to the building blocks of life – whether as fillers or additives to improve and enhance products in many industries, including plastics, paints and coatings, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and more.

Our values and goals

Our values reflect our mission and define what it means to work at NOBELMIN. They are at the heart of our corporate culture and our management.

For us, long-term business success means creating value economically, ecologically, and socially. We have set ourselves ambitious targets along our entire value chain. We want to be transparent about our target achievement so that our customers, investors, employees, and other stakeholders can follow our progress.

We want to provide answers to the most pressing challenges of our time. To counter climate change and global warming, we have invested in new technologies at our production plant that is more energy-efficient and produce better qualities.

Our strategy and priorities

Our strategy focuses on three pillars:

  • We want to play an active role and be a driving force in the decarbonization of global energy demand
  • We want to be a partner for our customers so that they can achieve their goals with our products through excellence and innovation
  • We want to address today’s energy needs responsibly

… with the following priorities:

1. Responsible production

  • Integrity, responsibility and safety are our core values, to which we subordinate everything we do
  • We are committed to acting ethically, responsibly and contributing to socio-economic development in countries where we operate
  • We will continue to focus on reducing the carbon footprint of our economic activities

2. Responsible product portfolio

  • No raw materials and materials containing conflict minerals and substances (e.g. asbestos) are purchased
  • Working closely with our suppliers to ensure, through appropriate escalation mechanisms, that no conflict minerals and substances are included in the products and materials supplied to NOBELMIN

3. Responsible use of materials

  • We will look for opportunities to reduce the amount of non-recyclable materials in our products / packaging. 
  • We will actively participate in global efforts to improve climate protection and decarbonization

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