Other Applications

Cosmetics Industry

NOBELMIN products, with their extreme whiteness and ultra-fine platelet* structure, broaden the possibilities for the development and production of colored make-up, body care products, soaps and dermatological formulations, and even pure talcum powder.

Our product quality stands for silkiness in blush, powder or eye shadow, transparency of foundations or the shine of beauty creams.

Other specialty applications for Nobelmin talc products include:

In the household and hygiene sector:

  • In the production of soft plaster, scouring or polishing agents,
  • for lubricants and release agents
  • in optimizing applications for inks

In building and construction Nobelmin talc is used, among other things:

  • as a filler in polyester putties
  • as an additive in dispersion fillers and plasters
  • as a substitute in 2-component compounds
  • in water-repellent jointing compounds
  • in anti-drumming and grouting compounds
  • in sealing and floor leveling compounds and flowing screeds
  • in the production of bonding compounds, adhesives and mastics.

In environmental engineering, the use of talc can optimize performance in biological wastewater treatment plants:

The talc particles ballast the bacterial flocs in the wastewater treatment plants to prevent floating sludge, thus accelerating their sedimentation so that better clarification of wastewater can occur.

Unlike most chemicals used to purify wastewater, such as the organic flocculants, talc is a natural and environmentally friendly mineral additive – and since talc is inert – it maintains the fertilizer value of generated sewage sludge.

Nobelmin talc is in demand as a raw material in the ceramics industry:

As a filler that is harmless to health, talc is used in the production of everything from tableware and porcelain to electrical insulation.

In the production of traditional building ceramics (including tiles or sanitary ware), talc is essentially used as a flux, which allows firing temperatures to be lowered and firing cycles to be shortened.

This also speaks for the economic efficiency of NOBELMIN talc.

* Platelets= all products are of high aspect ratio (high lamellarity)
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