A natural mineral

This is what our NOBELMIN talc is comprised of.

4 Product Series for Different Applications

As NOBELMIN Ltd., we process selected talc (talc qualities) from international raw material providers into the finest white talc “Made in Germany” using highly efficient equipment.  All products consist of 95% up to 98% pure talc, are free of asbestos and free silica.


Made of the best raw ore with guaranteed brightness and purity


Made of the best raw ore with excellent brightness and purity


In similar brightness and purity, quality levels are lower


Highly laminated talc chlorite

Technological Innovation for Unmatched Product Quality

Optimized product qualities are achieved with the help of high-performance mills that are unique in Germany. NOBELMIN’s technical facilities with their automated equipment features ensure the consistent delivery of high-fine talc.

The talc rock is processed in a multi-stage process via crushers, mills and screening plants. Finally, via micro-grinding, it is transformed from a coarse rock fragment into the finest talc with a high aspect ratio (high surface-to-edge ratio) and a large specific surface area.

Based on our MicroNobelization process we achieve talc grades with particle sizes and finenesses down to a D50 of less than 1.2 µm in a highly efficient and energy-saving manner. Due to the plant technology and optimized process control, the talc is delaminated at the same time.

Thin, platelet-shaped particles are created and largely retained during production via the MicroNobelization process.

Thus, significant increases in product functionality can be achieved through our talc products in plastics. Compounders have new opportunities to better meet the demanding specifications of their customers.

Chemical composition : 

Our ground and micronized talc grades have a very high specific surface area and fineness, and due to its hydrophobic character, it also possesses a high adsorption capacity for organic matter.

Fine ground talc is highly voluminous, floats on water and is not easily wettable due to its hydrophobic character. With a bulk density of less than 0.4 kg/dm³, transportation and processing requires handling of large volumes and elaborate dust control measures.

To reduce this effort, the finely ground products are deaerated and compacted in a subsequent process step so that a BigBag can be filled and shipped with 1 ton rather than just 500 kg. In addition to the delivery with BigBag, the talc products can also be purchased in 20 kg bags.

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