The production of the finest talc grades represents a multi-stage process. In this process, starting from coarse talc rock of the highest quality, a medium-fine coarse material is produced in several crushing, grinding and screening steps, which can be fed to the fine mills.

With the help of these high-performance mills and subsequent final screening, a range of optimized product qualities is archived in the Westendorf facilities.

Special sifters are used to remove oversize particles from the ultra-fine products and adjust them to the particle size distribution required by the customer or adapted to the specific application. Micronized, ultra-fine products with the narrowest particle size distribution are also achieved here, ideal for the most demanding applications.

Our strict standards in the procurement of raw materials and our highly efficient milling plant for the energy-saving micronization of talc ensure consistently high and adaptable qualities. The milling technology used leads to further de-lamination of the talc platelets*, so that a narrower particle size distribution is achieved with a higher aspect ratio as well.”

The following particle size distribution curve shows a comparison of a product from NOBELMIN (black curve) and a comparable competitor (red curve). Our product has a significantly narrower/steeper particle size distribution (arrow 2) than the competitor’s product (shown in the red curve).

Any dust generated is separated by filters to protect the working environment and the environment.

The product is temporarily stored in silos and can (if necessary) be de-aerated in a further step via a compactor (optimal for transport and production to increase the bulk density).

The advantage of compacted products is multifaceted:

The volume of a shipping unit of compacted (densified) material is much smaller, as a BigBag of compacted grade typically has 1 t per m³ instead of

The most important aspect, however, is the resulting possibility to increase the feed rate during compounding. This allows a higher production output per hour, and opens up the use of larger filler quantities, since less air is introduced into the compound with the talc. The metering rates in production can be more finely adjusted.

* Platelets= all products are of high aspect ratio (high lamellarity)

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