NOBELMIN talc is a natural mineral and formed, among others, from the decomposition of magnesium-rich basic rocks (also at the boundary of dolomite rocks) by the impact of carbonated hydrothermal solutions.

Its theoretical chemical composition is Mg3[(OH2) Si4O10].

This softest mineral on earth has a value of 1 on the Mohs scale of hardness and has a greasy texture to the touch. Thin talc crystal platelets* are translucent or translucent white, yellowish to brownish or greenish with a glassy and pearlescent luster. After extraction, talc is crushed into the finest powder and is used in the manufacturing process of paper, paints, varnishes, roofing felt, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and much more.

Free of asbestos and chemically inert, talc is harmless to health and approved as an additive to foods or as an excipient in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

Depending on the brand, up to twelve kilograms of talc are incorporated in every motor vehicle. In the rubber of the tires, in the paint, in the plastic parts from the dashboard to the engine compartment, the incorporated talc powder plays not only a supporting but also a “filling” role. Only when talc is added to the plastics do they become more heat-resistant, so that they do not lose their shape at higher temperatures ( e.g. in the engine compartment).

Using plastic instead of metal means less weight in a car, and less weight means lower fuel consumption. Thus, talc makes an inconspicuous and effective contribution to reducing the burden on the environment. 

Finely ground talc is ecologically safe and technologically indispensable as a functional filler for improving the functionality in the manufacture of many plastic products ranging from coatings and paints to films, rubber and injection-molded components in automotive engineering. 

The new, compacted talc products are dust-free and have a high bulk density. This brings advantages in transport, but above all simplifies processing for customers in the plastics industry.

* Platelets= all products are of high aspect ratio (high lamellarity)
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